About Us

With a mission to bring the real Australia to Second Life, Top Dingo is a powerhouse of creativity and talent. Bringing together a team of skilled SL builders, with talents in design, scripting and business experience Top Dingo take the Aussie experience in SL to a whole new level.


Pants Lilliehook

Programming and Advanced building

Pants Lilliehook aka Noel Jacobson is the tech head part of Top Dingo.  Following a strange fascination at school for maths and numbers, Noel ended up as an analyst and programmer for an insurance company. Not satisfied with this uber geek status, his alter ego Pants turns those numbers into fascinating structure and energetic displays of creative programming. 

Making the most of the Linden Scripting Language, Pants has channelled his passion for all things Australian to make innovative scripts which play 2 up, make our aussie birds fly, run tours and vehicles, races, the pond phone landmark generator, media players and more. His ever widening field of interest and capabilities, backed by his financial knowledge and experience, make him a very talented programmer and builder.  

In Second Life: Pants Lilliehook

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype: squire_j

Twitter: NoelJacobson

Phone: (+61) 422 114 070 



Wonambi Darwin

Wonambi is the ellusive third member of the Top Dingo team. 

Wonambi isn't online very often, he mostly looks after transactions and the vending system for our inworld products while Pants & Mahala focus on corporate work and product development.