What We Do

Top Dingo are specialist Second Life Content Developers, Sim and Environment Builders, Brand Managers and agents..

For more information about Second Life visit their website

We have built a wide variety or sims and environs for various clients, which we have displayed in our website, some machinima and some of course can be visited in Second Life

Our services include

  • Consultancy
  • Sim planning,
  • terraforming and construction,
  • instructional interface development,
  • specialist textures,
  • programming,
  • event set up,
  • assistance with promotion of brands in world,
  • music streaming and sales,
  • plus content such as plants, furniture, australian birds, clothing.

We can help bring RL brands into SL, by creating SL versions for distribution, linking to websites and webshops out of world, creating experiences unique to SL with your brand on them, and also creating office space, edutorials, working models, demonstrations, public events and other such devices.

Due to demand for Australian content, we have put a  selection of our content for sale, although our larger creations are custom builds and unique to the customer we build for.