New Home for Top Dingo

We now call Australia home.

You can visit Australia Sim here:

Top Dingo recently purchased the Australia sim, and we have moved our main store location to there. We are currently in the middle of another project so it may be some time before we put out our entire range again. We are very happy to announce that we have managed to do a complete sim makeover though, so that Aussies will have a place to show their friends in SL and feel at home.

We just had the relaunch, have been crazy busy - but managed to get out a blog and some pics of the launch. Stay tuned for a LOT more info soon!

We apologise to loyal customers for having to move unexpectedly to a new sim, but we are excited about our future, and the possibility of bringing more of Australia to second life.

And what is that other project we mentioned? Well, stay tuned for the development of another Australian presence in Second Life....