New Shops at pondi

Following the successful fashion show, many of the merchants in the pond have now opened a shop to sell their fabulous wares. check out Fashion Forward Co-operative, Oz Corture, Angelwings, and of course TopDingo's branch outlet at Pondi Beach - and watch for new brands emerging with quality Aussie fashion right here in the Estate!



Pants has a double

Yesterday i came into Sl to be confronted with not the usual 1 Pants - but 2. Any guesses who the rogue doppleganger is? The cheeky boys tried to convince me that they were both Pants and he had managed to clone himself...AS IF! There is only one.

Pants experiments with his look

This past couple of weeks Pants has undergone some sort of identity crisis, and started experiment with different looks. The pics say it all...on the left we have regular Pants, and the others???

Fashion Show

The July Build competition was on the theme "worn", and consisted of clothing and other articles that an avatar might wear. We had a great number of entries, with articles ranging from dresses and jewellery to robot avatars and even a shoulder cannon.

Judging was aided by guest judge Jackson WInter from the band Midwinter.

The fashion show was held at pondfield - with music and voiceover - it was a complete hoot.


many of the articles were set for sale after the event.



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