The Prim Hog

Friday, 18 April 2008 17:26
This folks, is the prim hog a ground vehicle with an awesome sound, which really flies!

It can be seen cruising around the sims "checking the fences" on a regular basis, with up to 3 dingos on board.



Blam Blam

Friday, 18 April 2008 13:04

Top Dingo recently rented a block at Ponden - and what do you thing was the first ( no second sorry - the dock went in first) thing we did...

Made a Haunted house zone with zombies and mutant spiders, toxic pigeons and headcrabs. After a long day of Dingo Building you might just find us at 500m blam blamming our troubles away - visitors are welcome to go up there and have a shot - it is fun and actually quite harmless. Guaranteed to make you smile :)

Click here for our block at Ponden

Mermaid area

Made a little mermaid area in the pond when we restocked the fish ( they seem to die when Linden Labs rolls out updates - we had frozen tuna and stunned mullets for a while) Had a nice hour or so playing with the Mermaids and talking of all things fishy.

mermaid area

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