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 Top Dingo are an Australian Second Life Build Team

With a mission to bring the real Australia to Second Life, Top Dingo is a powerhouse of creativity and talent. Bringing together a team of skilled SL builders, with talents in sim management, art, design, lsl scripting and business experience we plan to take the Aussie experience in SL to a whole new level.



Hi there.  We are now well underway with a new project for the Murdoch University in Second Life.  The centrepiece of their ME/CFS Centre (http://www.mecfs.org.au/what-is-meorcfs) is now complete and we're about to move on to the next phase of the build where the content starts to come together.  The tree is based on the gum trees that we sell inworld but this one is just over 100m tall and it has several platforms built in to accommodate the library and resource material needed by the centre. 

It's a public site; you can check it out for yourself inworld here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Murdoch%20University/186/202/22